Thursday, December 26, 2019

Myers Education Press

This is just a shout out for Chris Myers' independent publishing company Myers Education Press

We have worked with Chris for more than 20 years now, as authors, editors and series editors, and are thrilled to see his new venture well under way.

You'll find a list of the areas the press is interested in publishing books in, and information about the company's publishing ethos and the kinds of relationships it seeks to develop with authors and readers here

With Judy Kalman, we have an edited collection in the pipe on the topic of "Data analysis, interpretation and theory in Literacy Studies research," The manuscript for the book has just been submitted, and we are hoping that it might be published in time for the 2020 American Educational Research Association conference--although it is currently slated for June 2020.

Once we get some front matter proofs we will update our information. For now it will suffice to say that the book will contain ten chapters in which researchers walk and talk readers through the processes by which they developed their data analysis approaches informed by their theoretical orientation, and how they conducted their data analysis and interpreted their results. Chapters cover approaches as diverse as mediated discourse analysis, conversation analysis, interactional ethnography, multimodal analysis, microethnographic discourse analysis, and Actor Network theory; and range over topics and themes like using spreadsheets to analyze data, theorizing with (a) difference, using prompt questions to analyze meanings in memes, and doing collaborative participatory research wit communities.

More when we have more to report.

Long time between posts

We certainly lost our way with blogging these past 18 months or so. That reflects having lost our way with a lot of the stuff that one blogs about,

For example, we used to post when new books were published in our New Literacies series. And the long time between posts reflects, to some extent, a long time between books.

A couple of things happened. One is that Peter Lang Publishing went through a major change, and the editor we had worked so closely with over more than 15 years has ended up creating his own publishing business, but more about that shortly.

The bottom line is that after having published 70 books to date in this series we have found the pool drying up. We have used social media to pitch to potential authors, but without success. This may bell reflect the extent to which "new literacies" seem now to be commonplace, old hat, yesterday's papers. That would be unfortunate, because new literacies practices are emerging all the time, and others are thriving, evolving, taking on new lives.

In 2000 we presented a paper at a conference convened by Jim Gee at the University of Wisconsin. One of the "new literacies" we identified there was what we called "Meme-ing". Today memes are on everyone's minds. They even help get presidents elected. They spread LOLs and lulz, love and hate, and plenty else. We noticed the two items on memes we had posted to Researchgate getting plenty of attention, despite the fact that they were published in 2006 and 2007. So we went back to rethinking and writing about memes, and have recently published this article on Memes, macros, meaning and menace

We have a second paper on the drawing board and are looking toward writing a book on the topic. Maybe we are misguided, but we don't believe "new literacies" are dead yet. And we are still hoping for potential authors to pitch book proposals our way.

If you are interested in talking about a possible book writing contract we are still at home all hours. You can find us at and/or

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