Thursday, July 10, 2014

Setting up Chromecast outside North America

This is really for my own backup, in case the Chromecast dongle waiting for me in New Jersey fails to set up properly for use in Mexico.

There was all this hoo hah about not being able to use this wonderful resourse outside the US, but the ways around the apparent impediment are wonderfully easy.

Here are two ways:


This is a wonderful use of Dropbox.

2. The second is easy as well. If you have a Chromecast compatible device and have it registered to the Google Playstore you can just google search "chromecast app apk file" on your computer and download the apk file. It will automatically bring up a dialogue box identifying your compatible devices and send it to them automatically next time they are activated. A nice link for this route is:!topic/chromebook-central/iGcydehSHRo

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