Monday, January 09, 2012

Call for papers: Themed Issue on 'New Literacies'

Alan Amtzis, academic editor of "The Educational Forum", advises:

The Educational Forum, Kappa Delta Pi’s premier educational research journal, is seeking articles for its upcoming Fall 2012 theme issue on “New Literacies” and its relationship to teaching, learning and other major educational dimensions. The Educational Forum is an international, peer-reviewed journal whose mission is to “publish compelling research findings and thought-provoking perspectives as a catalyst for stimulating and encouraging research and dialogue and for advancing and transforming education.”

The Educational Forum is seeking original empirical research and conceptual essays that address the ways in which contemporary understanding of “New Literacies” are enacted in educational settings from pre-K to adult learning [with a focus on]how technological and other contemporary developments ... have (or have not) influenced the work, lives and thinking of teachers, students and others involved in education. Papers that address the reciprocal relationship of “New Literacies” to classroom practices are of particular interest.

For full and specific instructions to authors, including page lengths and formats, please visit our web link

The submission deadline is March 23, 2012. For more information on The Educational Forum, please visit the journal’s webpage:

Contact either Academic Editor Dr. Alan Amtzis at or Managing Editor Sally Rushmore at if there are any additional questions.

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