Tuesday, May 06, 2008

ComicCon NYC!

The other weekend we had a ball attending ComicCon NYC. This Comic Convention is basically a mix of presenter panels and sessions, commercial and indie showcases of new products (e.g., new graphic novels, new manga, new anime, new designer vinyl toys), sales of collectible comics (of all kinds), movie shows, and lots of cosplay (people--even whole families--wearing superhero, Star Wars, or manga costumes).

We had a fab time looking at different booths, and especially watching the crowd. One of the things we especially enjoyed was just the rich mix of people there--everyone imaginable! The highlight though, was getting to meet Brent Nolasco, a renown vinyl toy custom modder and artist. He was real-time modding Munny Dolls at the MyPlasticHeart stall--and showing some of his work, including a fab print (which we bought a copy of, too). He modded a Munny doll for us right then-and-there using a range of black markers, and drew a fantastic image as well, and was extremely approachable.

We warmed up by getting involved in a bit of cosplay en route to the event.

And ninja presence was as strong as ever.

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