Sunday, October 14, 2007

Machinima Awards Europe, 2007

The awards list for this year's European Machinima Awards is out!

Best Story: The Snow Witch by Britannica Dreams (appears as a top-10 must-see video in Hancock and Ingram's Machinima for Dummies)

Best Commercial: When the Postman Spits Twice by SL-Inworld Productions

Best Technical: Machinima Island by la.interactiva

Best Experimental: Cirque du Machinima: Cuckoo Clock by Tom Jantol

Best Sound: Innocent Minds by James Dubose

Best Student: Machinima! with Officer Dan by Amorphous Blob

Best Series: The Grid Review b the ILL Clan

Best Visual Design: Stolen Life by Nanoflix Productions

Best Direction: Stolen Life by Nanoflix Productions

Best Picture: Stolen Life by Nanoflix Productions

My recommendations? "Snow Witch", "Stolen Life," "Cirque du Machinima" and "Machinima! with Officer Dan".

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