Thursday, May 03, 2007

Red vs Blue

Today surely goes down as a classic in the Mindsets Wars, speaking truth to John Perry Barlow's mid 90s claim about cyberspace immigrants just not getting it.

The initial story has broken a meme of outstanding proportions, even if the whole code exposure is more of an "in principle" than a readily usable digital coup d'etat.

Hacker humour has got to be today's big winner. The tee shirts are for sale on eBay before the new sun dawns. Cory Doctorow is smiling encouragingly. Publish the code, he says, then when you get a "cease and desist" just scan it and post *that*.

Michele gets invited to join a Facebook group whose name is "the code"

And one of our all time favourite memes gets a side-splittingly funny outing as

Not to put too fine a point upon it, you have to love it.

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