Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Screen Goddess IT Calendar

Today I received my order of the Screen Goddess IT Calendar for 2007. This is a super smart not-for-profit production. It features women who work in the Australian Information Technology industry posing in movie theme contexts (apart from the cover pic which portrays Christmas hues in an American Beauty Rose kind of way).

The back cover blurb tells us that:

"The theme 'Screen Goddesses of IT' capitalises on our admiration for movie stars, showing real 'goddesses' of the computer screen -- a diverse selection of real women working in a wide variety of roles within the Information Technology industry. Much has been debated and written about the declining interest of women in taking up technology studies and careers. This calendar aims to dispel the 'geeky' image of IT and the perception that IT is not a desirable career for women by providing an exposé of real women with unreal careers -- all living and loving IT. Profits from the sale of this calendar will go to a variety of programs to encourage young women to consider careers in IT, science and technology".

It makes a great gift and it has the quality every calendar most needs -- the capacity to catch the eye.

Check it out.

hey colin glad you like it. Don't forget to enter the "Inspect for Gadgets Competition" spot and name all the placed and hidden technology in each shot or the "LaMarr Code" and discover the hidden coded message inteh calendar. GREAT Prizes waiting for smart geeks to snap them up:-) from Sonja (not cover Sonja - Sonja the sg calendar innovator).
Oh wow--secret codes and puzzles as well! I can't *wait* for my calendar to arrive!! And how convergent--I'm currently reading Neal Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon" (which includes a whole major plotline on code breaking during WWII; I started this book before I realised what the next George Clooney movie--"The Good Shepherd"--is all about. too).
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