Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back on The Rock

Right now we are on teaching duty in Newfoundland, doing our now annual stint for Nova Scotia's Mount St Vincent University. It is fabulous work with generous conditions. If only all work were like this (smile). We have blogged some of the recent teaching and building stuff at Joypix.

Meanwhile, work continues on the book we are editing as A New Literacies Sampler. All the text is in place minus the final chapter, which is a thematic summation being written at this very moment by Cynthia Lewis. The book is looking very good and we are very happy with the way it has shaped up. Many of our favourite usual suspects are there:

A New Literacies Sampler


Introduction: Sampling ‘the new’
Colin Lankshear & Michele Knobel

Chapter 1
"You won't be needing your laptops today": Wired bodies in the wire-less classroom,
Kevin Leander

Chapter 2
Popular websites in adolescents’ out-of-school lives, Jennifer Stone

Chapter 3
Role play gaming, agency and authority, Jessica Hammer

Chapter 4
Pleasure, learning, video games and life: The projective stance, James Paul Gee

Chapter 5
Digital Design: English Language Learners and Reader Reviews in Online Fanfiction, Rebecca Black

Chapter 6
Narrative, literacy and identity in adolescent fan fiction, Angela Thomas

Chapter 7
Looking from the inside out: Academic blogging as new literacy, Julia Davies and Guy Merchant

Chapter 8
Online memes, affinities and cultural production,Michele Knobel & Colin Lankshear

Chapter 9
New literacies, Cynthia Lewis

We'll keep you paged on progress. Meanwhile here is the draft of Chapter 4 for the new edition of New Literacies.

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