Monday, April 24, 2006

Finished and sent, but will it run?

Whew. We finally got the mss for the new edition of New Literacies sent off to the publishers today. It's a bit on the long side -- 100,000 words. And bits of it, which we like to think of as the 'theoretical bits', are a bit long and slow. But overall we reckon it is stronger than the original edition. We're trying to get away with New Literacies 2.0 as the main title. Shameless, to be sure. But the Web 2.0 concept lies very much at the heart of our acoount of 'new' literacies, albeit encased within a larger concept of 'participation in an ascending mindset'.

It is good to have the job done and out of the way for now. Mind you, it assumed a much larger than 'book alone' life during its gestation. It was occupational therapy for the dude with two broken vertebrae, and it provided a much-needed focus through that 'lying on the back day in and day out' period. Hopefully, however, reading it won't be as painful as much of the writing of it was.

Time'll tell.

So, now it's time to shake some other projects along. The New Literacies Research Handbook, the Digital Literacy Primer, and the New Literacies Sampler. Something to be said for having an expansive range, no?

Other big events on the recent calendar have included Michele seeing a knock out concert by Great Big Sea in New York on Saturday night. She reckons it gave her such a buzz she'll get through the next week of assignment marking with a big smile on her face and joy in her heart. Some band, that Great Big Sea. The evening before the Great Big Sea I had caught Johnny Winter in Montreal. He managed an hour, more or less. But what an hour. The man can still play up to his standing as "Muddy waters' son". How someone could look so frail and perform so strongly is, frankly, impressive. Roll over, Keith. Yer the same age as Johnny but look like an ad for a health spa by comparison.

Long may you both run.

Oh yes, Johnny finished with Dylan's "Highway 61". It brought home to me just how fantastic a songwriter Dylan was around that time. If ever an album merited an association with twin cylinder Triumphs of the classic era it was that one.

How all that coheres with new literacies is anyone's guess.

Dunno about "new ltieracies', but gimme these "old" literacies any day!! It *was* a fantastic show -- even the band thought so!! Doncha just love a band that blogs its tours! Ah, there you go! The new literacies link!! Seriously folks -- get your buns to the nearest Great Big Sea concert. You won't regret it!!
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