Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The gentle art of item descriptions

yumyumcherry, originally uploaded by muchacha_mx.

And as another aside, yumyumcherry's eBay item descriptions are absolute gems! I follow her auctions just to read what she's written each week. So nice to see someone being so playful within the serious world of online auctions!

In her deft hands, a mostly harmless, basic clutch purse becomes:
Brand Spanking New (if you're into the S&M stuff--which means you have far more energy than I have...) Neiman Marcus/Manolo Blahnik Clutch bag. This was a gift with purchase that I received for shelling out another (ANOTHER!) $650 on ANOTHER PAIR of Mr. Blahnik's shoe designs. I wouldn't mind if I ever got out of my Reeboks. Sigh. Okay, so be that as it may, I just unwrapped this Baby ('THIS BAG IS NOT A TOY'.....I mean, how bored would your kid have to be? even my Cat won't play with it) and it is Yours for the bidding. Great for storing your make up, a dinner party where everyone won't be whispering, "Oh, Didn't Susan get that from Neiman Marcus last fall when she spent $650 on shoes...," or, of course giving as a gift to someone you don't like that much. There's the Holiday Spirit. Who needs Hallmark anyway? Will arrive with the plastic casing THAT IS NOT A TOY....Thanks for looking.

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