Monday, August 31, 2015

New book in our series: Agustin Berti's "From Digital to Analog"!

Agustin Berti's, From Digital to Analog: Agrippa and Other Hybrids in the Beginning of Digital Culture is a marvellous book! In his exploration of William Gibson's digi-analogue Agrippa, Berti engages with the early history of the huge turn towards the digital that began in the 1990s and raises all sorts of interesting points about the materiality of digital texts.

From the back cover:
"From Digital to Analog delves into the origins of digitization and its effects on contemporary culture. The book challenges the «common sense» assertion that digitization is just another step in the evolution of the culture of the editorial, film and recorded music industries and their enforcement of copyright laws. Digital technologies in contemporary culture have paradoxically undermined and, at the same time, strengthened such practices, provoking an unprecedented quarrel over the possession of, and access to, cultural products. Agustín Berti uses the release of Agrippa (A Book of the Dead) in 1992 to study this paradox. The importance of Agrippa for digital culture studies is proven through the discussion of the frequently understated importance of the materiality of digital culture. The book develops a critique of digital technology and its alleged neutrality and transparency. Ultimately, it illustrates how Agrippa anticipated a number of contemporary phenomena such as piracy, leaks, remixes, memes, and more, forcing us to rethink the concept of digital content itself and thus the way in which culture is produced, received and preserved today. From Digital to Analog is ideal reading for a graduate student readership, especially Master candidates in the fields of Literature, Arts, Digital Humanities, Digital Culture and New Media Studies."
 Chapters include:

Get your copy now--I guarantee it's going to directly and positively impact how you think about digital texts!

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