Sunday, August 31, 2014

Third new book in our series! "English Teaching and New Literacies Pedagogy"

It's raining riches all down around us at the moment in terms of new books coming out in our "New Literacies" series. Len Unsworth and Angela Thomas have put together a wonderful collection of chapters in their edited volume, English Teaching and New Literacies Pedagogy. Both Len and Angela have an international track record in researching, thinking about and theorizing English/literacy education and digital media and they've brought together authors who write about a wide, innovative range of new media and how they can be taken up in classrooms.

From the back cover:
[This collection] is about the fusion of media and narrative, and explores theoretical and practical dimensions of young people’s engagement with contemporary forms of text. It showcases a range of critical interpretative approaches for integrating multimedia narratives into English teaching contexts, including animated films such as Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing, digital novels such as Inanimate Alice and 5 Haitis, and a virtual treatment of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. English teachers across grade levels will recognize the valuing of literature and will appreciate the practical pedagogy and fostering of creativity as students are encouraged to explore new forms of narrative. In the context of developing expertise in knowing how multimodal texts work, students can apply that knowledge in their own authoring of digital multimedia narratives.
Contents include:

The collection as a whole emphasizes authoring/producing by means of new media and how teachers can engage with new literacies meaningfully in school contexts. 

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