Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Job opening for Director, Center for Learning Technologies, Montclair Sate University (New Jersey, USA)

More about the job: https://app1.montclair.edu/xf/hr_jobpostings/details.php?id=510

Job description:
The mission of the ADP Center at Montclair state University (New Jersey, USA)) is to provide faculty, professionals and students in Education and Human Services with an interactive laboratory, showplace, and incubator for innovative educational technologies and a hub for trans-disciplinary research.  The ADP Center gives particular attention to fostering an appreciation for technology as a practice to improve issues of social justice across disciplinary fields. 
The Center is a College-wide resource that fosters collaborative partnerships among faculty and external partners by providing expert guidance and assistance on using technology in support of teaching and research. The Director works with faculty to plan, design, develop and integrate technology to address their teaching and research objectives. S/he provides a broad range of programs and services including educational and research technology planning, implementation of technology services that advance education and scholarship, and supports the development and delivery of high-quality online courses and programs in the College. In addition, s/he sponsors educational events for faculty on teaching and researching with technology and provide consultation services on instructional design, and research methods involving technology.

The Director reports to the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) and is responsible for developing, overseeing, and guiding the day-to-day operations and activities of the Center. Specific responsibilities include supporting faculty in the increased integration of technology in teaching and research in the fields represented in CEHS; creating and sustaining a management system and infrastructure to ensure the fiscal viability of the Center; providing leadership in developing structures, processes, and policies for the ADP Center; managing activities, personnel, facilities, and budgets; building relationships and partnerships with existing and potential community partners;  and collaborating with the CEHS Technology Services Office, the CEHS Director of Technology Services and Facilities Operations, and the University Office of Instructional Technology.  

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