Thursday, January 30, 2014

New book in our series: "New Creativity Paradigms"

Congratulations to Kylie Peppler on her latest book in our series (for her previous book, click here): New Creativity Paradigms: Arts Learning in the Digital Age (Peter Lang, New York, 2014; commissioned by the Wallace Foundation).

From the back cover:
Commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, this book explores research indicating that youth are learning new ways to engage in the arts on their own time and according to their own interests. Digital technologies, such as production tools and social media, allow youth to create and share their art. Kylie Peppler urges educators and policy makers to take advantage of «arts learning opportunities» and imagine a school setting where young people are driven by their own interests, using tablets, computers, and other devices to produce visual arts, music composition, dance, and design. This book gives educators an understanding of what is happening with current digital technologies and the opportunities that exist to connect to youth practice, and raises questions about why we don’t use these opportunities more frequently.
The book itself is a rich mix of theory, research and practical suggestions for classroom pedagogy. the appendices alone make this book a worthwhile buy: they list communities that support interest-driven community learning (including indicators as to whether the community or service is free or not); and apps and online platforms that support interest-driven learning. 

Contents include:

1. The Resounding Voice of Youth in a Digital Age
2. The Importance of Arts Learning
3. How Are Youths Creatively Using Digital Technology?
4. The New Digital Arts: Forms, Tools, and Practices 
5. New Media Arts, the Do-It-Yourself Movement, and the Importance of Making
6. Communities That Can Support Interest-Driven Arts Learning
7. Inviting and Sustaining Participation in the Arts
8. Challenges and Recommendations.

This is a book that's destined to find wide appeal in all sorts of education communication and media courses, not to mention proving to be useful to educators working in classrooms, after school programs, and non-profit organizations! 

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