Saturday, December 14, 2013

New book in our series! "Textile Messages"

Enormous congratulations to Leah Buechley, Kylie Peppler, Michael Eisenberg and Yasmin Kafai on their new book, Textile Messages: Dispatches From the World of E-Textiles and Education (Peter Lang, 2013).

This is a really lush production, chokkas with colour, loads of images and a gorgeous layout (makes such good sense in a book about textiles! And electronics!).

From the back cover:
Textile Messages focuses on the emerging field of electronic textiles, or e-textiles – computers that can be soft, colorful, approachable, and beautiful. E-textiles are articles of clothing, home furnishings, or architectures that include embedded computational and electronic elements. This book introduces a collection of tools that enable novices – including educators, hobbyists, and youth designers – to create and learn with e-textiles. It then examines how these tools are reshaping technology education – and DIY practices – across the K-16 spectrum, presenting examples of the ways educators, researchers, designers, and young people are employing them to build new technology, new curricula, and new creative communities.
Contents include:

This sis a clever, must-read book! Buy a copy! Buy multiple copies and give them as gifts!

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