Thursday, December 05, 2013

New book in our series! Crystle Martin's "Voyage Across a Constellation of Information"

Congratulations to Crystle Martin and her lovely book, Voyage Across a Constellation of Information: Information Literacy in Interest-Driven Learning Communities (Peter Lang, New York)!

From the back cover:

What do orcs, elves, and information literacy have to do with each others? Find out in Voyage across a Constellation of Information as we take an in-depth look at information literacy practices (how people find, evaluate, and use information) in the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft and its online community. This book teases out real-world information literacy practices by following players as they solve their information needs through collective activity, relying on and building a set of individual and collective practices within the online community. Voyage across a Constellation of Information offers educators, information professionals, and researchers an opportunity to get an inside look at the new practices of digital spaces, and lays the groundwork for inclusion of these practices into 21st-century education.

And the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Affinity Space as an Information Source: The Constellation of Information
Chapter 2: Information Literacy: A Mechanism for Charting the Constellation
Chapter 3: Tools and Methods for Creating the Compass anNavigating the Constellations     
Chapter 4: An Individuals Map to Navigating the Constellation
Chapter 5: Asynchronous Information as a part of the Constellation
Chapter 6: Collective Intelligence Navigating the Constellation
Chapter 7: From a Constellation to a Galaxy

This is a timely book for U.S. educators and the shift towards a stronger focus on information texts in schools. Highly recommended (of course)!

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