Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why (oh why?) is Yahoo Mail *still* so hopeless?

It seems that even after getting a former Google executive to head up the company -- and while thy are claiming growth in income and service provision -- Yahoo still can't manage some of the basics for people living in a global world.

Worse still, for them, Google can.

Blind, irrational loyalty is the ONLY reason I retain my yahoo account and its web-hosting service. And, when I say "blind" and "irrational"" I really mean BLIND and IRRATIONAL.

For sure the internet is awash with complaints about how slow the email retrieval and sending is -- and as a paying client I don't even have to bother with the advertisements. My mind can only boggle here as to what that must be like.

My main hassle has to do with the fact that for some reason best known to its designers and programmers Yahoo mail simply cannot seem to be able to adapt to the fact that on any given two day period one might be in 3 or more different countries and working on several different machines.

Unable, seemingly, to be capable of managing this, Yahoo mail sends one into an infinite regress of "your session has expired, please sign in again". No, that is not right. The regress is not infinite. After several dummy runs with the session expiring one gets a message saying "We are having trouble logging you in".

As if I didn't know that.

To repeat, Gmail gives me no such grief. And, almost unbelievably, neither do any of my university accounts. So I end up having to copy the messages I am trying to send in Yahoo and use another email provider -- but asking people to reply to yahoo, since that is where I manage that stuff.

But maybe not for much longer.

I just don't get it. We have been using yahoo since it first began. How come, with all that experience they can't get basic email provision right? It just confounds me, and I have to wonder how long loyalty and sentiment can prevail in the face of apparent corporate ineptitude.

There is just no place in the world these days for outfits that can't get it right. I want them to, but I dounbt that in the end hope can and does spring eternal.

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