Friday, September 20, 2013

Another new book in our series: Ola Ertsad's "Digtial Learning Lives"

Congratulations to Ola on his new book, Digital Learning Lives: Trajectories, Literacies and Schooling!

From the back cover:

Today’s world is in turmoil. Economic crises are bringing countries to the brink of ruin, and old models are being questioned. The same sense of crisis also exists in contemporary education, and there is a need to explore new educational models. Digital Learning Lives: Trajectories, Literacies, and Schooling is a contribution in this direction. This book explores the importance of the adoption of digital technologies by contemporary education systems. Partly a synthesis of findings from projects carried out in Norway by the author over the past 15 years, the data have been extended to raise key questions about the effectiveness of current education strategies for the Facebook and YouTube generation. Along the way, a promising approach for future developments in education is introduced that embraces the engagement of digital media -- what Ola Erstad terms ‘learning lives’. Use of digital media in schools and in everyday culture becomes the catalyst for exploring learning as life-deep (studying identity processes), life-wide (studying learners across contexts), and life-long (studying learning as trajectories and timescales). The book is targeted toward courses on digital learning, educational change, school development, and formal-informal learning.
Contents include:

1. Learning lives and technologies
2. "Opportunity knocks": epistemic agency of a digital generation
3. In the mix
4. Digital competencies, media literacies and school practices
5. Learning environments for knowledge creation
6. Learners in motion
7. Blending the boundaries
8. Expending conceptions of school
9. New life to learning

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