Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our new book: "A New Literacies Reader"

Colin and I have a new book out, as well. It's compilation of research cases from across our "New Literacies and Digital Epistemologies" series with Peter Lang. The collection is titled, "A New Literacies Reader: Educational Perspectives". 

From the back cover:

A New Literacies Reader is an introduction to social and cultural studies of new literacies from the perspectives of educators, education researchers and learners. It focuses on how participating in social practices of new literacies can be seen and understood in terms of people becoming insiders to ways of «doing» and «being» that are today considered desirable or worthwhile, and how this can usefully inform how we think about formal schooling and learning. The book’s 18 chapters cover a variety of topics, including:  studies of new literacies within classroom contexts semi-formal learning spaces beyond the classroom  teacher learning and professional development  spaces of popular cultural affinities practices viewed from different research perspective.

The diverse topics addressed range from multimodal pedagogies, remix, performance poetry, and digital storytelling to issues associated with wireless environments, assessment, identity, and teachers’ ways of taking up new technologies. Chapters explore how young people participate and collaborate within the spaces of popular cultural interests and the various approaches to researching gaming. The book speaks to teachers and teacher educators, education administrators, curriculum developers, education policy makers, professional development specialists, postgraduate research students, and other literacy and new media researchers. A New Literacies Reader is an essential volume for undergraduates, grad students, and faculty interested in refining their knowledge of the vast new horizons created by the world of new literacies.

You can download a copy of the introduction to this book from here.

Contents include:

Introduction: Social and cultural studies of new literacies from an educational perspective
Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel

Part 1: New literacies in classroom settings

1. Multimodal pedagogies: Playing, teaching and learning with adolescents’ digital literacies
Lalitha Vasudevan, Tiffany DeJaynes and Stephanie Schmier

2. Trajectories of remixing: Digital literacies, media production and schooling
Ola Erstad

3. You won’t be needing your laptops today: Wired bodies in the wireless classroom
Kevin Leander

4. Slammin’ School: Performance Poetry and the Urban School
Bronwen E. Low

Part 2: New literacies and semi-formal learning beyond the classroom

5. Influencing pedagogy through the creative practices of youth
Leif Gustavson

6. Engaging urban youth in meaningful dialogue through digital storytelling
Althea Nixon

7. Learning about circuitry with e-textiles
Kylie Peppler and Diane Glosson

Part 3: New literacies and teachers’ personal and professional learning

8. Machinima, Second Life and the pedagogy of animation
Andrew Burn

9. New wine in old bottles?: Remediation, teacher as bricoleur, and the story of Antaerus
Teresa Strong-Wilson and Dawn Rouse

10. Supporting pre-service teachers’ development: The place of blogging in the Get Real! Science teacher preparation program
April Luehmann, Joe Henderson and Liz Tinelli

11. New literacies and assessments in middle school Social Studies content area instruction: Issues for classroom practices
Margaret C. Hagood, Emily N. Skinner, Melissa Venters & Benjamin Yelm

Part 4: New literacies and popular culture affinities

12. Language, culture and identity in fan fiction
Rebecca Black

13. Communication, coordination and camaraderie: A player group in “World of Warcraft”
Mark Chen

14. Youth participation: Learning and growth in the forum
Angela Thomas

15. Which South Park character are you?: Popular culture and online performance of identity
Bronwyn Williams

Part 5: Researcher perspectives on new literacies and learning

16. Learning about learning from a video game
James Paul Gee

17. Situated play: Instruction and learning in fighter games
Aaron Hung

18. Kongregating online: Developing design literacies in play-based affinity space
Sean Duncan

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