Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New book in our series

Get set, folks. Colin and I have been away and have arrived home to find a lovely stack of new books in our series are now out. We'll post about each one separately. 

Congratulations go out to Mira-Lisa Katz on her edited collection, Moving Ideas: Multimodality and Embodied Learning in Communities and Schools

From the back cover:

What does it look and feel like to communicate, create, compose, comprehend, teach, and learn with our bodies? Reaching beyond existing scholarship on multimodality and literacies, Moving Ideas expands our capacity to understand the embodied dimensions of learning and stretches our repertoires for more artfully describing them. Wresting language away from its historically privileged place at the center of social science research and practice, this collection examines the strategic layering across semiotic modes, challenging educators and researchers to revisit many of our most elemental assumptions about communication, learning, and development. The corporeal pedagogies these authors describe illuminate a powerful kind of learning that we know far too little about; in this age of accountability and high-stakes testing, failing to pay adequate attention to the promise of multimodality means forfeiting significant resources that could be used to innovatively engage people of all ages in education broadly conceived.

Contents include:

Foreword: Ideas Do Move
James Paul Gee

Poem: The Body is the Text
            Elizabeth Carothers Herron

            Mira-Lisa Katz

1. Growth in Motion: Supporting Young Women’s Embodied Identity and Cognitive Development through Dance After School
            Mira-Lisa Katz

2. Chroma Harmonia: Multimodal Pedagogy through Universal Design for Learning
            Catherine Kroll

 3. ‘All the World’s a Stage’: Musings on Teaching Dance to People with Parkinson’s
            David Leventhal

4. The Communicative Body in Women’s Self-Defense Courses
Keli Yerian

5. Pasture Pedagogy: Field and Classroom Reflections on Embodied Teaching        
Erica Tom (with Mira-Lisa Katz)

6. 36 Jewish Gestures
            Nina Haft

7. Thinking with Your Skin: Paradoxical Concepts in Physical Theater
            Eliot Fintushel

9. Visceral Literature: Multimodal Theater Activities for Middle and High School English Language Arts
            Tori Truss (with Mira-Lisa Katz)

10. The Paramparic Body: Gestural Transmission in Indian Music
            Matt Rabaim

11. Literacies of Touch: Massage Therapy and the Body Composed
            Cory Holding and Hannah Bellwoar

12. The Embodiment of Real and Digital Signs: From the Sociocultural to the Intersemiotic
            Julie Cheville

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