Tuesday, August 27, 2013


One of the disadvantages of long holidays away from home is that you aren't there to collect and put into action the nice new gadgets when they arrive asap after the release date.

We were appropriately stunned when we read about the availability of the Google Chromecast dongle and pre-ordered on Amazon as soon as we had heard about it. It eventually shipped, and must have arrived here a few weeks back.

After driving the 2000 kilometres and sleeping through the overnight ferry trip to get us back to New Jersey from Newfoundland, we still had the will and energy to throw the Chomecaster into the TV and set it up on the computer inside the Chrome browser. Not much energy was needed, because only a couple of clicks were involved, and in no time at all we had whatever we wanted to run on the browser casting through the TV, for the ridiculously low price of $35 -- the price tag on the Chromecast dongle.

The quality is great, and with Netflix running at $7.99 a month it is tempting to simply drop the cable 'service' and merely retain the internet service.

The Chromecast device has the intuitive simplicity, elegance, and efficiency one normally associates with Apple products. It is simply fantastic. Of course, there are things you can't do with it that you can do with a full blown device like a Roku or an Apple TV or similar. On the other hand, these don't come at $35.

'Piracy' becomes a non issue under sensible conditions like Chromecasting Netflix.

And working becomes an endangered activity, one suspects .....

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