Sunday, April 14, 2013

When public transport is public

When I fly into Mexico City I have two main choices for getting home.

I can grab a cab and be home in half an hour for 280 pesos (around US$23 -- not unreasonable for a 12-15 km ride).

The other option is to catch the metro at the airport terminal station. This takes me an hour, and so long as the suitcase is not *too* large the trip is perfectly manageable.

The metro costs 3 pesos (25 US cents, more or less).

The Mexico City metro is one of the most fabulous public resources I know of, and I use it as my default travel mode about the city.

I wonder if there is anywhere else in the world where a reasonably reasonable cab fare is 93.3 times the cost of a reasonably convenient public transport option.

In an age of user pays, the metro system has got it right. The users pay 3 pesos, and they count in their millions.

There are many fabulous things about my favourite city, but nothing -- not even the museums and the pyramids -- can top the metro as a service to quality of life.

We all know very well that Public transport is very much important and common issue for all.There are many people who are looking for good public transport services.
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