Saturday, April 20, 2013

More mucking around with the Google Nexus

This weekend I am working in a small town in Nova Scotia, traveling with my Samsung Chromebook and my Nexus tablet. This was fine down in the motels in the city, where there were wireless connections everywhere. But the motel for the weekend only has an Ethernet connection.

I knew that the Chromebook was supposed to connect with Ethernet if one has a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. So I got one at the nearby Future Shop, but was not confident it would work because the adapter came with a note saying for PC and Mac, and it came with driver software for those OS.

Ever optimistic, I plugged the adapter into the Chromebook. There was a happy sound saying that something had been detected. Next thing I was online. Nothing surprises me much any more about the Chromebook. I worked away online enjoying the connection speed.

Then I had the inevitable further thought: I wonder what will happen if I plug the adapter into the micro-to-standard USB cable I use on the Nexus to stream media and documents from a thumb drive. Would the Nexus likewise run off Ethernet?

You guessed it, of course it does.

So long as there is an Ethernet connection the WiFi tablet can run, even if there is no wireless. I reckon that is pretty neat.

BTW, the USB-to-Ethernet adapter I bought was a Rocketfish model. It rocks.

You mentioned connection speed in this post.

I wondered how much you feel that affects what you do and "learning."

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