Monday, February 04, 2013

New book out by Laura Nicosia: "Educators Online"

Enormous congratulations to Laura Nicosia on the publication of her new book, Educators Online: Preparing Today's Teachers for Tomorrow's Digital Literacies!  Laura's book is chockfull of experience-based sugestions, wise advice and practical activities for weaving digital technologies into
a wide range of school (and university) classrooms, all grounded in a participatory media approach to teaching and learning.

From the back cover:
Educators Online fills a significant need, introducing educators to social and collaborative technologies that will enrich their own lives and those of their students. Proceeding from the understanding that once teachers become comfortable with these technologies, they will be more willing to experiment with them in their classrooms, Laura M. Nicosia blends theories of new media literacies with anecdotal accounts from her much-sought-after professional development offerings. Educators Online focuses on why teachers should use these technologies; thus, even as the technology evolves, this book will be seminal. The social practices associated with these applications nurture stronger professionals and, by extension, improve both teaching and learning. The book will compel professional educators, support staff, and pre-service teachers to dive into these networks at their own pace and have a Ā«virtual coffee breakĀ» with each other. This book will prove valuable in courses on teaching methods, educational technology, introduction to social media, introduction to digital literacies, and digital rhetoric.

And the contents page:

Who is this book written for?
1. Your Avatar, Yourself: Who Are You When You Are Online?
2. Social, Educational Networking and You: Perfect Together
3. Resistance is Futile: Collaborative and ParticipatoryTechnologies Are Here to Stay
4. Digital Repositories, Storehouses and Conduits: Oh, My!
5. Virtual, 3-D Worlds and Augmented Reality 
Conclusion: Travelers Along the Technology Timeline 
This is a must-read text!

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