Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A bequest from Aaron

It is a tragedy that Aaron Swartz had to die in order for some good sense to prevail. As soon as possible after his death the White House has directed federal agencies to make the results of publicly funded research available to the public within a year, according to this Huffington Post article.

There are, of course, limits to this requirement. In many cases formal reports of taxpayer funded research ARE available within a year, if one knows about the research and, thereby, knows to go look in the first instance.

But "results" might be a bit limited. Some executive summary or similar artifact might be what we get. But that is hardly what a lot of people will be looking for, and what they deserve. Rather, anyone with a research interest will want the other stuff that is associated with "results". They'll want the thinking that went on, information about the literature reviewed and the theoretical framing, and all the rest that is supported and has life breathed into it by taxpayer funding.

We are NOT just talking "results" here. We should also be talking about maximally free access to the intellectual fruits generated from public funds derived from revenue. Not just from research funds. The work of anyone employed in an institution supported from taxpayer revenue should be in there. Authors submitting work for publication should be invited to confirm the extent to which their work has been publicly funded, and publishers should have to agree to provide free access to such material after a determinable period on some kind of sliding scale.

The White House initiative is a small step in the right direction, for which Aaron Swartz has already paid the supreme price. But it would be wholly unacceptable if this first small step were anything other than the smallest first step, with muvvering big ones quickly following.

Because they don't already have enough to do (NOT), the best minds on this stuff, like Larry Lessig among many others -- people who have researched, have studied the issues at depth, have done publicly funded as well as not publicly funded research -- could be invited to think tank these issues through to the point where we get a new and sensible and workable and JUST/FAIR set of arrangements in place.

Something like that would be my bottom line.

At that point we might have collectively begun paying our debt to Aaron Swartz.

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