Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bikers: Mexico DF Style

I've had my 73 Triumph Daytona over here in Mexico since we first arrived, but it's always been a struggle to keep it street legal. During recent years, however, importing vehicles has become more common, and latterly the challenge has been more one of time than of law. Time, mercifully, is sorting itself out. The missing link was a connection, and thanks to this year's Waitangi Day celebration in Mexico City, the connections are coming. We met David at the celebration and this week he very kindly introduced us to a local British bike enthusiast, Rafa. Rafa was formerly a vet but finds bikes more vital, and so he and his brothers are in the bike repair, servicing, spare parts, restoration and (more generally) "let's keep bikes running well, especially classic bikes" game. The Daytona needs some light work, which Rafa will do. And he will also be helping get her some Mexican plates.

At the same time David got us sorted with Rafa he got us introduced to the Motos Antiguas club here in Mexico City. The first Saturday of each month the club meets at an outdoor restaurant, and so we made our way there, had breakfast, and met some of the local members. There were bikes, scooters, mopeds, and even restored vintage bicycles there. The club has grown to over 140 members and is wonderfully open. All comers and all machines are welcome.

 The oldest member is now over 90 and these days rides a three wheeler.

My favourite classic bike there was a gorgeous early 70s Triumph Bonneville T 120. Beautifully maintained, it caught the sun nicely, and a front on shot recalls just low lean some of these classic bikes were.

There were plenty of Harleys, old and new, as well as new Triumphs, and a very nicely maintained pre-unit Norton. Some bikes had side chairs -- there was even an old Russian Ural with a side chair, but it had gone before I got the camera out.

And, of course, the Vespas .....

We met a guy who had ridden from Mexico City to Tierra del Fuego and has written a book on the first stage of his trip. While I was looking at the book David had bought it, so the next round will be on me. I'm long overdue for revving up my Spanish, which is well done by reading. The trouble is always finding material that will engage me enough to stick at it. This book will do the trick nicely.

The monthly club meet will become a calendar regular. It's a class act.

I'm puzzled with lots of exercises. I was afraid I could not do the right time despite my hard work. I need a support person.

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