Saturday, February 20, 2010

New book out: DIY Media

We're very happy to announce we have a new edited book that's just come out. It's called DIY Media: Creating, Sharing and Learning with New Technologies, and aims at being a really hands-on, practical text for anyone interested in tinkering and mucking around with a range of new literacy practices.

From the back cover:
Schools remain notorious for co-opting digital technologies to “business as usual” approaches to teaching new literacies. DIY Media addresses this issue head-on, and describes expansive and creative practices of digital literacy that are increasingly influential and popular in contexts beyond the school, and whose educational potential is not yet being tapped to any significant degree in classrooms. This book is very much concerned with engaging students in do-it-yourself digitally-mediated meaning making practices. As such, it is organized around three broad areas of digital media: moving media, still media and audio media. Specific DIY media practices addressed in the chapters include, among others, machinima, anime music videos, digital photography, podcasting and music remixing. Each chapter opens with an overview of a specific DIY media practice, includes a practical how-to tutorial section, and closes with suggested applications for classroom settings. This collection will appeal not only to educators, but to anyone invested in better understanding—and perhaps participating in—the significant shift towards everyday people producing their own digital media.

The contributing authors are each outstanding and we're infinitely grateful for their contribution to this collection. The Table of Contents reads as follows:
Chapter 1: DIY media: A contextual background and some
contemporary themes by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel

Part 1: Audio Media

Chapter 2: Music remix in the classroom by Erik Jacobson

Chapter 3: DIY podcasting in education by Christopher Shamburg

Part 2: Still Media

Chapter 4: Visual networks: Learning and photosharing by Guy Merchant

Chapter 5: Photoshopping/photosharing: New media,digital literacies and curatorship by John Potter

Part 3: Moving Media

Chapter 6: Machinima: Why think “games” when thinking“film”? by Susan Luckman and Robin Potanin

Chapter 7: Stop motion animation by Angela Thomas and Nicole Tufano

Chapter 8: Flash fundamentals: DIY animation and interactive design by Rebecca Orlowicz

Chapter 9: AMV remix: Do-it-yourself anime music videos by Michele Knobel, Colin Lankshear and Matthew Lewis

Afterword by Henry Jenkins

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