Friday, May 08, 2009

Announcing a new book by Neil Anderson

Neil's book, Equity and Information communication Technology (ICT) in Education, is hot off the press. As the book's back blurb so aptly puts it:
Information communication technologies (ICT) permeate almost every facet of our daily business and have become an important priority for formal and informal education. This places an enormous responsibility to achieve equitable deployment of ICT on governments, education systems, and communities. Important equity issues examined in this book include gender issues, disability, digital divide, hardware and software developments, and knowledge transfer. Previous books have tended to concentrate on single aspects of equity and computer use; this book fills the pressing need for a comprehensive look at the issues. Equity and Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education is an essential book for professionals involved in this emerging area of study, and a useful text for undergraduate and graduate classrooms.

Neil has long been an advocate for differently able kids and adults and their technology use in school and other settings. He's also spear-headed national, award-winning research projects on gender and technology in Australia (Colin was a Co-PI on this project, too). This book is a must-read for anyone interested in equity issues and digital technologies!

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