Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Everyday Writing Archive Online

The National Council of Teachers in the U.S. has just announced the launch of a writing archive that focuses on a wide range of everyday writing called The National Gallery of Writing. NCTE invites everyone to submit

"letters, memoirs, lists, poems, podcasts, essays, short stories, instructions, reports, editorials, video clips, biographical sketches, speeches, invitations, hopes and dreams—writing that matters most to you. We're looking for a high school senior's college essay, a grandmother's letter to a beloved grandchild, a diary entry from a Desert Storm veteran, and a father's poem to a daughter on her wedding day. We want a toddler's first writing about her trip to the zoo and the firefighter's letter to the editor about the upcoming bond vote. Whatever the form and whoever the writer, the pieces you submit here, with their many voices, many visions, many stories, come together in the mosaic that is America writing."

Reminds me of the U.K's Mass Observation Archive, which is a fascinating project.

We love these kinds of archives because they're such excellent grist for not just understanding the everyday in a lived sense, but they're a marvellous resources for cutting your teeth on analyzing primary documents for research purposes. And, as university ethical clearance procedures become more gruelling for eduction research, they offer useful alternative for fullblown research studies.

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