Friday, January 09, 2009

Washing and drying coffee beans on the roof

After the shelled (or "skinned") beans have been left to ferment in water for a couple of days -- to get rid of the slimy coating that remains once the flesh has been "despulped" -- it is time to give the beans a good scrub and to then lay them out to dry for several days. The "real" bean is inside the shells that are visible in the clip that follows. After several days in the sun the outside husk gets very dry and has separated from the "real" (green) bean inside. At this time the beans can be husked and then roasted.

The roof on the house has good room for laying out beans to dry. Having filled the floor space in the gazebo it was time to make use of the roof.

After watching all your videos, I will never take my morning cup for granted again.
oh yes!! I spied Michele with the flip too!!

Is this how they do it in Starbucks?
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