Sunday, January 04, 2009

The "front yard"

There is a reasonably clear area near the entry to the land, and this is where we have built the workshop/toolshed and the open kitchen/cooking area. Eventually we'll add a small overnight dwelling there as well, but that'll likely be a year or two yet. There are some coffee plants beneath tall trees in this clear space and numerous plants that had been living on the roof of the house in the centre of town for want of space in the tiny garden areas there (along with a few small citrus trees and some seedlings taken from the two robusta coffee plants at the house) are being transplanted among the thinly dispersed coffee trees. The video is plenty shaky, again, but you get the idea.

Michele was monstered by some insects while breaking into some coffee picking, but soon had the upper hand. Some of the coffee plants have beans that are yellow rather than red when mature, and you might just glimpse a few of them at the end of the sequence.

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