Monday, September 29, 2008

Spanish language version of New Literacies

We are thrilled to see that the Spanish language edition of the second edition of New Literacies has been published this month by Ediciones Morata in Madrid. The book has been translated by Pablo Manzano, whose work is greatly appreciated.

Ediciones Morata
was established in 1925 by Javier Morata Pedreño, a journalist. The press grew out of the Minerva Bookstore (Librería Minerva), which Morata had founded 4 years earlier. It was able to operate throughout the Spanish Civil War as a scientific press with a strong presence in publishing medical and literary texts. Upon Morata’s death in 1966 the company was taken up by Morata’s daughters Flora and Claridad. Flora became director. In 1976 Morata’s grand daughter, Florentina became director and remained in this role until her death late in 2006. The current Ediciones Morata catalogue features 300 titles in Psychology, Education, Sociology, Psychiatry, Philosophy and related fields.

We are very happy that Open University Press negotiated the translation with Ediciones Morata and hope the book enjoys a good life in Spanish as it has to date in English.

This is a good time and place for us to express our great thanks to all the folk who have contributed toward making our experience with the two editions of New Literacies so rewarding. We have experienced a huge amount of goodwill with these books, all the way from our colleagues at Open University Press to those colleagues who have used the books in courses, to those who have reviewed them. Reviewers have been kind. It would have been easy to argue that they do not push “the theory” hard enough, or that too much time has been devoted to issues that at first sight might seem a bit remote from classroom practices. But reviewers have focused on positive aspects and we have appreciated that very much. We are also very grateful to colleagues who have used the books in courses and given us feedback on how they have gone. This also holds true for A New Literacies Sampler. These were “serious fun” books to put together and it has been a real privilege to find that others have been so willing to get into the “serious fun” and to spin off it.

As anyone in academe knows, you can take a lot of hard knocks there as well as getting some great breaks. Over the years we’ve experienced both, but so far the balance has tipped heavily in favour of positive experiences. We have been very lucky in that regard and want to express our great appreciation.

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