Monday, September 08, 2008 has launched!

Dana Wilber, Colin and I--in conjunction with our wiki developer, Christian Blair--are extremely happy to announce the birth of the wiki!

The wiki has two central aims:

1. to host and promote a rich and varied range of professional development resources for middle school language arts educators

2. to support and encourage the meaningful take-up of new literacy practices in classrooms is built upon the principles of the "wisdom of crowds" and "creative commons". It believes that collaboration among diverse people usually yields a “better” outcome than is achieved by individual experts working alone. It also recognizes the importance of creating resources for educators that are free to use (with appropriate attribution) for non-commercial purposes for enhancing our professional field.

To get things started, 10 prominent authors in the field were commissioned to write articles for the wiki. These include:

You yourself are invited to contribute to the wiki by: is funded by the Improving Teacher Quality Project (ITQP), which is a is a federally funded, three-year partnership (running from 2006 to 2009) between Montclair State University and East Orange School District, New Jersey (USA). While this wiki is a component of this partnership, participation in the wiki is not limited to the project and interested participants from everywhere are welcome to use and contribute to this wiki.

I think this is brilliant! Thank you for this site, Michele! I can hardly wait to dive in. It's not easy finding resources for New Literacies. I will post more later when I have perused the site further.
I can't wait to check this out!
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