Friday, March 14, 2008

Shakespeare lives!

Chris Shamburg, author of English Language Arts Units for Grades 9-12 (2008), has been working with high school students in New Jersey (USA) to really bring Shakespeare to life! In conjunction with the Folger Shakespeare Library, Chris has developed a fantastic set of resources for enabling students to produce audio plays from Shakespeare's work. These have been collated into a set of free, online resources titled: "Remixing Shakespeare."

This set of resources includes an introductory video--and this is a must see! I have yet to observe a group of high school students more engaged in reading Shakespeare than the kids in this video. This introduction is accompanied by samples of students' audio plays (brilliant!), a how-to set of tutorial guides, and a set of audio and audio editing resources. This is such a nice example of what can be done in schools within existing requirements and with digital technologies in ways that the students no doubt themselves find compelling and useful beyond school.

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