Saturday, February 09, 2008

Flickr photos from the 24/7 DIY Video conference

Using the "video247" tag, it's possible to list everyone's photos from the conference posted to Flickr. Check it out if you're partial to lots of photos of people sitting in a big room... ^_^


thanks for posting this. love the pics:
- of people
- of screens
- of people in screens, on screens, looking at screens, looking out of screens
- of people looking at other people in small video screens, big video screens, in screens depicting virtual worlds with virtual people

still working on some sort of response synthesis. i lost my power cord in l.a. (!) and only discovered this after i had already left for the canadian rockies. talk about a 180 culture shock - esp in weather and (lack of) screens!

hope you're recovering from colds, paper grading, etc.
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