Monday, November 19, 2007

Remix: Looking for classroom examples

I'm just wondering if any of you have encountered interesting examples of digital remix being done--with the teacher's blessing :D -- in classrooms. Remix can include music remixing of any kind, along with photoshopping, fan fiction, music videos, machinima, anime music videos, etc. etc. (For more of what I'm on about here, see: My hunch is that remix practices hven't yet found their way into classrooms in any formal way, but if you *do* know of examples where it has, we'd really appreciate hearing about 'em!

Just stumbled on your blog, and I've been doing 'some' remixes with an online high school course. It's a high school English course focusing on student podcasting.

FYI...two big influences on the content of the course were your book and Henry Jenkins' Convergence Culture.

Here's the most "remixing" activity
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