Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Saluting Amazon and its supporters

A recent story reports having launched a public beta offering the biggest selection of a la carte DRM-free MP3 music downloads at competitive prices. Still no match for the late and lamented "", but will certainly provide a better deal than current competitors. With luck, as in other aspects of online business, Amazon's initiative will encourage others to lift their game.

Of course, we feely admit to having a special regard for Amazon. When we moved to Mexico it was our lifeline to continuing what we did. We had been early adopters while still in Australia, but when we moved to Mexico we became absolutely dependent on Amazon, and it came through every time.

So we were very happy to read in the story that Amazon is today a Fortune 500 company. It prolly has been for a while, but we don't tend to keep up with that kind of information. So it's a good time to give our personal salute to Jeff Bezos and his vision, and to express appreciation to the supporters of Amazon -- including those who invested with willingness to lose their investments through the early hard years -- for nurturing a progressive business vision. It's kind of hard to imagine the world without, no?

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