Thursday, July 05, 2007

Remixing Thursday in Toronto

We are back at the school auditorium, and today it is Michele's turn to start the day. She's talking on digital remix practices. Her talk is called "Mixing it up: Remix practices, literacy and cultural development". The room is filling up and the various props for the talk are getting a test run.

Jerry has just introduced Michele, and we are into a definition of remix. Larry Lessig's concept of the new alphabet that young people like to write with -- images, sounds, animations, etc. -- is under discussion, including the copyright issues, and the need for educators to engage with these.

Michele is introducing a range of remixes -- from still image photoshoppings to music videos. Dangermouse's Grey Album is in there, and also some machinima, including Paul Marino's wonderful Still Seeing Breen, and (from some of our current research) Dynamite Breakdown's Konoha Memory Book.

The cultural aspects of digital remix are getting an airing

along with the affinity space dimensions of learning how to do it well.

We are getting near the end of the talk now -- as the obligatory "links to education" section checks in. Michele's just blown our secret about the new edition of our New Literacies book being pretty much an exercise in remix. (Did I just hear the words "cobbling together" in this context?)

Ending with the Shining Family Spoof is a nice touch.

That just leaves Jim's talk for tomorrow. And question time right now.

Meanwhile, BoingBoing are reporting allegedly successful ways of activating iPhones without getting the AT and T package.

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