Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our music video on coffee: Learning as we go

During last week we were working with Masters students as they researched their own learning of unfamiliar tasks. One of these tasks was creating a music video. As part of the deal we learned to produce our own. It's about coffee and is set to blues rendered by Mississippi John Hurt and Cream.

There is plenty of room for refinement, but it's been a lot of fun thus far.

Wow. I'll make sure I get my order in for coffee well in advance of everyone else.
Best thing about this video was seeing Michele, on her knees, sifting through the beans!!
Well, I will never look at my cup of morning coffee the same again. Quite the process!!! I just love my medium roast nabob mixed with a hint of hazelnut vanilla as well as Auntie Crae's Broad Cove Blend. Have you been to Auntie Crae's in St. John's??? must go...good coffee
Oh, yes and where does one get a bag of this exclusive Coatepec coffee????
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