Friday, July 13, 2007

Double loading

At the same time as the earning is going on the spending is in full flight. What we earn in Canada stays in Canada, and this most conspicuously involves the building at Bottle Cove.

The barn, which is a garage workshop and bathroom downstairs and an open plan studio living space upstairs, is now almost completed, apart from the interior finishing work. The water has been connected and the power is about to be connected. The latter was delayed because you have to connect the house before the shed, and we had begun with the shed!! Yesterday the power pole went in. Both the barn and the cottage are wired, so it is just a matter of the power supply being connected and the faithful old generator will become a mobile power source when on the road or wanting to do work up in the trees and away from the cottage and barn.

Meanwhile, progress is being made on the cottage. The interior structural work is pretty much done, with the water on and the power imminent. The bathroom is half completed and the first floor is fully lined out. With the wiring in the upstairs lining work is now under way. The ship lap wooden siding will be installed over the next week or so, and the space should be habitable within a month.

We'll post more pix to our photoblog after spending some more time out at the Cove next week.

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