Thursday, May 24, 2007

So the US worries about China's military capacity and intentions

It's sabre rattling time again -- these little rattles are discernible from time to time. The US Defense Secretary expresses concern about the increasing sophistication of China's alleged weapony (mass destruction capabilities, perhaps?) and calls, if you please, on Beijing "to be more open about its intentions".

Let us all hope that Beijing is not as open about its intentions as Pentagonville and CIAlandia are about theirs, eh? Fingers crossed everyone?

I remember reading that renowned political commentator, Sir Mick Jagger, saying in an interview a couple of years or more back that anyone who thought Iraq was mainly abount oil rather than the shifting geopolitical centre of gravity had rocks in their head -- or words to that effect. My money was on Mick then, and I lay just a little more out each time I hear the sabres rattling in Washington.

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