Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Second life as machinima affinity space: Tale from Midnight City

It seems like the potential of Second Life as an engine for making machinima has fast become an open secret. Just following the links from here led me very quickly to some very interesting work and ideas. The trek affirmed for me, as if it needed affirming, the worth of Jim Gee's concept of affinity spaces as resources for learning and situated contexts of learning. I love the way Torley encapsulates tacit constructive critique, technical expertise, and a response to earlier feedback in a single brief comment on the movie: "BTW, I find I often have to add a touch extra contrast and saturation to a video encode before I upload it to YouTube." Of course, in the spirit of affinity, the comment follows immediately upon saying "THIS ROCKS!!!! Great testament to the achievement of SL machinima used for less-than-funny purposes."

How much good pedagogy do we find *there*?!

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