Thursday, December 14, 2006


Not quite my luck yet -- maybe in a few more days -- but finally today Michele received copies of the new edition of our New Literacies book. We have been looking forward to this one coming out, and are hoping that it will be as well received as the first edition.

It's a very different book from the first edition -- more than 90% new content. It is also about 10% longer.

We think it is rather better than the first edition, but whether that view is shared by others remains to be seen. Meanwhile, both editions seem to be selling in tandem. Given that books can be produced one at a time to demand these days we are wondering whether first editions actually go out of 'print' any more.

Meanwhile, the New Literacies Sampler we have edited has gone to press and should be out by March or April. We are looking forward to that because the contributors are among our very favourite people. And that is pretty special.

Oooh, can't wait. Cover looks interesting.
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