Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Too much to Proof

Not a lot of blogging going on around here at present. A lot of proof reading, however. We are currently on the second round of page proofs for NewLits 2 and the process is not helped by tired eyes and the fact that we have somehow blown the text out to almost 300 pages. It didn't feel like that during the writing. In fact, it almost always seemed like there was more to be said on whatever point was being made at the time than we had the space to indulge. But the fact is that the new book will be fully 25% longer than the first edition -- notwithstanding our knowledge that these days shorter, like smaller, is good.

We have found LOTS of little things to address during the proofs stage, some of which we have been alerted to by readers -- for which, many thanks. Here is the draft of Chapter 6.

On other writing fronts we have got the manuscript for A New Literacies Sampler off to Peter Lang for clearance to go into production, and almost all the copy is in for the Handbook on New Literacies Research being edited with Don Leu and Julie Coiro, to be published by Erlbaum. This has been a long project, but the end is in sight. Most of the work left to be done will involve writing the Editors' Introduction -- which we'll be doing on a wiki.

And we have begun work with Jim Gee to produce a collection of his essays on Gaming and Learning for our Lang series. Jim has sent ten great pieces and we are looking forward greatly to working with him on this book.

too much to proof? some of us would love to have that problem ;) lol
Good! We were having fun with Tere in Odense at the Dream conference & also listened Mr. Gee's keynote while reading our e-mails. - Best, Juha
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