Monday, August 07, 2006

Towards Normal

Almost ready to leave the Cove and head back to the smoke -- and regular internet access. Am keying this from the YMCA in Corner Brook, Newfoundland -- one of 200 community spaces in the province that offers free broadband.

Three things to cover in this post. First, we'll catch up asap with those of you who have responded to the chapters of "New Literacies".

Second, here is the link to Chapter 5 of the draft, on weblogging as participation.

Third, it's a risk posting the chapter because the hosting site is a geocities 'freebie' and it sometimes goes over its limit. So if you get a message saying the site has exceeded its limit please just try again later. We will be upgrading the site as soon as we get a chance so get around the overload problems.

Meanwhile, there is a 6 hour ferry crossing in a forecast stromy sea and a 20 hour drive back to New Jersey beckoning.

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