Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Photo opportunities for aging white males

It was a big day for Dubya. On one hand, he responded to fears expressed yesterday that the poor performance of his Administration in current polls could cost the Republicans their majority in both houses in November's upcoming elections by appointing Fox News Radio host Tony Snow as White House Press Secretary.

It's hard to say from the flick how he feels about that. On the other hand, it make the link between Murdoch and US politics just a little more transparent in case we needed that.

On the other hand his flunkies had to go into battle with the Rolling Stones over the right to occupy some a temporary basis. 'Dubya' and Mick Jagger are both scheduled to be in Vienna at the same time and both want 'the luxurious Royal suite at the ritzy Imperial Hotel'. The problem is that Mick was first to make the booking. Moreover, Mick has refused to budge. According to AOL Canada's Entertainment page, The Rolling Stones' frontman showed no 'sympathy for the devil' when Dubya's lackeys tried to get the desired rooms. Jagger, who has spoken out against Bush's involvement in Iraq, refused to give up the $6,300 per night suite viewed as one of the top 100 hotel rooms in the world.

"White House officials had wanted to reserve the suite and all the other rooms on the first floor," a source told the UK's Sun. "But Mick and The Stones had already booked every one of the be under the impression that they would just hand over the suites but there was no way Mick was going to do that."

Jagger lashed out at Bush on The Stones' 'A Bigger Bang' album singing, "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite. You call yourself a patriot, well I think you are full of [expletive deleted]."

Amen, Mick.

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