Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Off to do our paper

Just a quick line from San Francisco, where we have been attending the annual meeting of the AERA (American Educational Research Association). After a couple of sessions as discussants it's now time to actually present our own paper called "Blogging as Participation: The Active Sociality of a New Literacy". It is part of a session based on Kate Pahl and Jennifer Rowsell's edited book, Travelnotes. Our paper draws on material from the new edition of our New Literacies book due out later this year. We have just finished the draft of the book and are hoping to have the mss ready to go into production by the end of the month.

Hi Colin and Michele
I really enjoyed the paper
and also want to continue the discussions around blogging - big conversation with Guy in the cafe about whether bloggin was an affinity space...
should continue the conversation
Hi Colin and Michele
I really enjoyed the paper
and also want to continue the discussions around blogging - big conversation with Guy in the cafe about whether bloggin was an affinity space...
should continue the conversation
Sorry I commented twice.
it was a great session to end the conference and we were privileged to be part of it. Guy and I had a bit of a talk also about blogs and affinity spaces. I see the blog as a platform that sustains all manner of blogging practices -- i.e., blogging is myriad -- and that can be appropriated within all manner of affinity spaces.
so bummed i missed it! i heard it went well. thanks for posting the paper. you may like this related digression: a student, who is doing some exploration into the areas of multimodality and sound, asked me how he could prevent others from stealing his ideas. the sharing of your paper, and the ongoing practice of making public otherwise "private" musings (via blogs, presentations, etc.), makes a response to his question quite difficult. any thoughts on the matter are quite appreciated!
Great paper on blogging Colin and Michele. Yet another piece of the puzzle to promote blogging in our school.
Re the student's concern about protecting his ideas from theft I guess the best place to go is Larry Lessig's book called 'Free Culture'. That talks about how one can consider different copyrighting options that range between full on copyrighting at one extreme and a very open kind of Creative Commons licence at the other. I'm not a good person to ask about protecting ideas and thoughts cos I would be privileged to think that anyone else might consider any ideas I had worth 'stealing'. Mostly, I like John Perry Barlow's point about different paradigms of value in meatspace and cyberspace respectively. In cyberspace, says Barlow, the greater the uptake and dispersion of an idea (stealing??) the more valuable the idea. Since, as Barlow notes, any reading of an internet text involves making a copy, all texts on the Internet are potentially copyrightable, and permissions can be insisted on. We are actually getting into these issues quite a lot in the new edition of "New Literacies". My personal prejudice is that culture should be as 'free' as possible in Lessig's sense, since we all build on what has come before us.
For what its worth I would go along with what Colin says and have found that using my blog to test out ideas has been really liberating. I never really think that anyone comes up with something totally original anyway (perhaps learning from Hawkins work on memes) . Also by putting ideas 'out there' (through a blog) allows you to start discussions and develop - 'stealing'an idea is less possible in a way, if you have already thrown it out into the public domain. It becomes part of the space once it is articulated, so is beyond stealing...
Many thanks for the paper - it was great. Great to meet up to! If anyone's interested in the discussion around social software and communities of practice/affinity spaces/social networks, there's plenty of discussion over on Blogtrax.
thanks for your thoughts, colin and dr. joolz :) i'm with you: when someone thinks my ideas are worth "stealing" i'm likely to feel jazzed about it and quite likely to pursue conversations with them about the topic. which is precisely why i designed the course (digital geographies and virtual spaces) in which this exchange took place - to be able to create a community to explore these ideas *with*!
i'll look for the new edition of New Lits.
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