Saturday, February 04, 2006

This year's Bloggies

I'm slow off the mark in posting the news that the 2006 Bloggies short list has been announced (the short list isn't posted at present on the bloggies site, but Asymptomatic has a nicely reviewed partial listing of contenders here). Blame my tardiness on the short list--I've been thoroughly enjoying exploring new-to-me blogs like:

among others....

And Peg Finders is extremely pleased to see that Stuff On My Cat has been nominated (which inlcudes three images of stuff on Peg's cats, Tartar, Kirby (Peg, is that really a helicopter on your cat?! Of course, that's nothing compared to what's on Julie...), and Julie--very cool!). This blog reminds me of one of my favourite internet phenomena, the life and times of Oolong, the Pancake Bunny and Hironori Akutagawa's head performance art.

I'm really interested to see a new awards category added this year: Best Teen Weblog (with at least some of the finalists doing a double-take at being categorised as a "teen"). This year's contenders are:

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