Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What am I missing here?

Today brings a Yahoo report about the new Nokia internet tablet which will go on sale this northern summer. At US$350 it has wifi and is intended to provide fast and easy internet and email capacities for around the house. The announcement says that there is a plan to introduce software next year to enable voice over IP telephony for the tablet.

I am wondering what I am missing here, since similarly priced palmtops already do all this and more. Turning my humble HP Ipaq 4200 into a 'cordless phone' running on wifi was as simple as downloading Skype's free Pocket PC software. No doubt there is a lot more to the tablet than is conveyed in the press release. Running on Linux, as it does, is doubtless a plus for the Nokia, but if there are further advantages over similarly priced palms I'd be interested to know what they are.

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