Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Latest issue of E-Learning journal

The latest issue of E-Learning has just been published: vol 1, no. 3 (2004). It contains a diverse range of papers on the general theme of digital literacies.

The publisher has also just posted the contents page for the issue currently in production. This should be published within the next month or so. The contents for vol 2, no. 1 include the following articles:

James Paul Gee. "Learning by Design: good video games as learning machines"

Martin Oliver & Keith Trigwell. "Can ‘Blended Learning’ be Redeemed?"

Angela Thomas. "Children Online: learning in a virtual community of practice"

James Levin, Nicholas Burbules & Bertram Bruce. "From Student Work to Exemplary Educational Resources: the case of the CTER White Papers"

Guy Merchant. "Digikids: cool dudes and the new writing"

Susan Braley. "New Media: from metaphors of inevitability to metaphors of possibility"

If you like the look of what the journal is trying to do, please tell your colleagues, and take advantage of the current unbeatable subscription arrangements.

Thanks! This journal looks great! I have postd information about it on our blog:
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